About us

Differently Yours... 1+1 = 11

About Synergy

‘Synergy”- A neonate organization, which is formed by group of industry experts to offer differential offerings. One of first few startups having a synergized offering of technology backed solutions for various financial services, retail and consulting.

Differently Yours... 1+1 = 11

Our Belief

‘Synergy”- derived from the Greek word “Sunergos” 
– which means Working Together.

It is not a mere word for us, it is the basis of our business existence, the way of our life.

We always believe that

the interaction, coordination and cooperation of two or more organizations, will always produce a combined effect which is greater than the sum of their separate effects. We truly believe that 1 + 1 = 11….

‘We Aspire to play an important role in shaping the vision of your organization’

To be the choice of any organisation for co-creating their business model, helping them to look not only beyond but also within the box.

To be there always as – Differently Yours’

Differently Yours... 1+1 = 11

Our Aspiration

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